3 tips for selecting the right décor color scheme

3 tips for selecting the right décor color scheme

Hey guys! welcome back to our blog. Today we are sharing some tips to consider when choosing your home décor color scheme.

TIP 1: Don’t start with a color you love…

We know right, you love love love yellow and you want your house to be yellow-ie but, when decorating, always start with a neutral and build your color pallet on that. Neutral colors like white, beige and grey in their most natural form, make a good color base to accentuate. A good place to start applying these are your walls and flooring. Other pieces of furniture can then have accents of bold hues and tones of colors that you love.

TIP 2: Work with existing décor

This! especially when re-decorating; don’t just buy everything on trend and bring it home to a color disorder. Ensure that when decorating or redecorating, your existing décor can carry on the new pieces you’ll be adding. Except of course, it’s a whole new project then you can start your color co-ordination from scratch.

TIP 3: What’s the function of the room?

Maybe this should be the first tip, because the function of the space you are decorating in almost all occasions determines the color scheme. For example, using bold yellows all over your bedroom may not be ideal. Studies have proven that the colour yellow enhances concentration and gives the brain and nervous system a “wake-up call”. Quite the opposite of why you want to be in bed but the very reason why you need it for a classroom design! If you’re looking to create a warm and cozy ambience, you should be looking at neutrals with some wood and plant features.

How do you determine your colour scheme? Share with us.

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