5 must-have tips to style your entryway table

5 must-have tips to style your entryway table

The beginning or end of the year is naturally a time many of us like to declutter our homes and get them ready to receive new décor pieces or even take on a major renovation; we should however enjoy the habit of de-cluttering and organizing through-out the year.

As the saying goes, "tidy home, tidy mind", so in today’s post, we begin a series on staying organized to create a clutter free home with today's focus on entry table styling.  

Getting our décor right goes beyond being able to mix and match items alone, because a well designed home doesn't just look good, it also enhances your mood and creativity, while a poorly decorated home could leave you feeling edgy, moody and with a disorganized feeling.

Our entry way décor hence should be done right because it’s the last part of your home you leave but the first point you get to on your return. It needs to be welcoming with a superb first impression on your guests.

If you have an entryway/anteroom or a wall that separates your front door from your lounge/living room, we're giving you 5 tips to follow in selecting the right entry way décor and keeping it organized.

1: The table/console is the baseline of the other décor pieces

Choose a design that stands out in finish that can hold storage baskets or even drawers. Remember, organization is key so you’ll want to hide away keys and other stuff nicely. Storage baskets are a great option for this and they also bring in texture to the overall theme.

2: Choose the right colour scheme

The entry way is a relatively small space so work out a colour scheme that isn’t overwhelming and also ties up with the connecting room to it. However, it can have a completely different feel with a different colour scheme but still appealing.

3: Create a focal point

A large mirror or an oversized wall art always does the trick. Most décor pieces are relatively smaller compared to this, so determine the size and style of your feature décor and other items will fit around easily.
Entryway table/console styling

4: Introduce plants & greens for a natural feel and freshness

Plants are a sure natural way to bring freshness to our living spaces, the air is also cleaner where you have plants. What better way to welcome your guests! If you can’t go for live plants, artificial plants are good substitutes for bringing in greenery.

5: Scale and proportion your décor pieces

Place items side by side, move things around until you achieve balance. There are no rules to this but your décor placements shouldn’t wear out your eyes overall.

A simple trick to use is the rule of 3: pair 3 items of different heights and texture together and voila! Objects look better in a group of three.

If you’re considering table lighting, consider a well sized table lamp(s). You can create a symmetrical or asymmetrical look with these. In addition, they offer a warm, cozy lighting at night.

What other tip would you add? Share with us in the comments.

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