5 ways to celebrate Mom this Mother’s day

5 ways to celebrate Mom this Mother’s day

Mother’s Day is so special because nothing beats the grace of motherhood, the sacrifice, strength and wisdom it takes to be a mother is unfathomable. Mothers are our She-roes and they deserve their roses! 

Here are a few ways to jump in and celebrate your biological mother or that mama figure in your life this year:

1 – Cook for mom, make her a special dish you know she loves. You may be used to doing this everyday (if you still live with her) but make it extra special, set the dining table differently, add some music, light up some candles and send her a creative invite to the special occasion. If you’re away from her, why not order her that special dish and have it delivered to her – make sure she’s aware before she enters her kitchen though.

2 – Redecorate her home or order a new home décor piece; Flowers and plants always have a special place in a woman’s heart, have some delivered to her in time for Mother’s Day. Make it special, symbolize it with your choice of plants or flowers. Candles, a new night wear?; Check our online shop for our candle range here.

3 – Organize a virtual Mother’s Day party with your siblings, give everyone a moment to say how special mom has been to them. If there’s anything, moms love to hear how much they are loved and appreciated especially when it comes from their kids.

4 – Make a photo art with her picture, frame it up and have it delivered to her with a special note from you. Again, if mum is with you, it’s best to take these gifts to her and add a warm hug with it to seal it up with love.

5 – For those who may say, I don’t have enough to appreciate her, well, go to mum and spend a day with her and let her know you are doing this specially for her for Mother’s Day, this perhaps may be the best gift. Be present for her, do chores for her that you’d normally not do and don’t forget, hug and love on mama specially.

We won’t forget those who’ve lost their mums or whose mums aren’t present with them physically, we hope you feel loved this season more than ever before, may you have more than enough reason to celebrate.

On that note, we want to say a very special Happy Mother’s Day to all our mamas and mother figures out there! We see you, we love you and we’ll always celebrate your uniqueness.

Mother’s Day 2024: Sunday, 12th of May.

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