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Designing a black-themed interior – myth or a mood?

While a lot of people believe that black is depressing or evokes moodiness, it’s however notable that in home décor, when done right, black can be beautiful and tasteful. As a mood, black could evoke feelings of power, strength, and determination. 

On that note, welcome to today’s blog! In this write-up, I hope to give you valid reasons why you should add some black elements to your space.

Black creates the perfect contrasting base for other colours in your space and can be used as accents or as a feature piece. Black enhances other colours – A white or cream sofa with a black throw pillow becomes a bold and eye-catching piece in the room compared to an all-white sofa with white pillows.

Black is bold and could over-power your décor, the trick is to do it right! So how do you create a dark / black themed décor that’s tastefully done?

1/ Use black in accent patterns and solid bases. Pillows, rugs, curtain fabric drapes etc., these are great elements to bring in patterns in black. The beauty of a black themed décor is when you create interesting features and dimensions with it, this adds a bold and dramatic flair to any space! To make a more chic and stylish look, use materials like warm wood tones, velvet, silk or sequins and woven textures.

2/ If black is your main colour theme, to keep the look from becoming too dark, pair these black pieces with lighter colours like white or cream. Like your makeup, a soft brush of black eyeliner gives your colourful eyes depth and attractiveness; just as in fashion, playing up your little black dress with gold or silver jewelry gives it a sophisticated glam.

3/ Add warmth and depth with lights; consider this the icing on the cake. Adding different layers of lighting to your dark themed space is what really creates the mood. Dimmable warm ceiling lights, accent lighting from table & floor lamps are sure ways to add that cozy warmth to your black décor theme.

A black themed home décor is definitely a mood! It can create a sense of luxury, power, and sophistication. Will you be trying this theme out?

PHOTO CREDIT: All photos were sourced from Pinterest, solely for reference purpose.

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