How to know when to hire an Interior designer

How to know when to hire an Interior designer

A lot of us have tried to DIY when it comes to the Interior design or décor of our spaces; while this is not unapproachable, you’ll need a professional designer to create a well thought-out use of your space. An interior designer helps with creating a cohesive design layout and makes the most of your space, even in smaller projects.

They also provide valuable advice on color schemes, materials, furniture and décor, and help you avoid costly mistakes. The job of the Interior designer is to bring your vision to life while balancing the use of the space, your style and the overall aesthetics. Ultimately, an interior designer saves you time, money and stress by guiding you through the design process and ensuring that your renovation project is a success.

Who should I hire, Interior designer or Interior decorator?

As the client, the decision lies with you in deciding who to hire based on the scope of the project. Let’s look at the difference between the two.

An interior designer is focused on the functionality and design of a space, including the layout and construction. An interior decorator on the other hand is focused on the aesthetics of a space, including colors, fabrics, and furnishings. It depends on your specific needs for your project.

If there are structural changes to be made to the space, such as, removing walls, running new electrical points and plumbing, if you need help with the layout and construction of a space, an interior designer is your best choice. If you need help with the aesthetics and décor of a space, an interior decorator is your best choice.

If however, your space doesn’t really need a holistic design, who should you hire for a simple upgrade?

You should hire an Interior Decorator for this. Some Interior Designers also offer decorating services, at a lower fee.

What should I expect to pay for professional design or decorating fees?

An Interior designer or decorator charges you per project or per square meter of the space (for smaller projects). An Interior designer would analyze your space to determine the extent of works required, this comes at a flat consultation fee while a few but rare ones, offer this stage for free. To execute your project, a percentage of the project fee is then charged for the management costs.

How to know when to hire an interior designer? You need to hire one when:

  • You have ideas of what you want but can’t seem to articulate them
  • You’re moving into a new space
  • You have a budget to accommodate their professional services: don’t fall for the myth that Interior designers are too expensive, they in fact, help you work within a reasonable budget.
  • You are renovating a new space – both small and large scale. An Interior designer ensures building codes and regulations are followed throughout the process.
  • You are building a new space, home or office.

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