How to style different vase shapes

How to style different vase shapes

There are a few vase shapes and it’s crucial that when styling them, the proportions of the vase and the flowers are considered.

We’ll be highlighting 5 commonly used vases shapes and how to style them.

1/ Bud vase: As its name connotes, these vases are meant for a single flower stem. They are usually small sized hence are perfect for small table tops or as a complementary piece to a larger décor.

2/ Pitcher vase: They come with handles and can be styled to create a welcoming space, they’re ideal for your dining table or coffee tables and look amazing in a full floral arrangement. 

3/ Donut vase: If you’re looking for something decorative, this is your choice as this type of vase accentuate your décor. The donut vase can be used as a statement piece with or without flowers and also comes in 2 shapes – with a long narrow neck to hold your stem flowers, or with a truncated top for a fuller floral arrangement.

4/ Ceramic vase: This type of vase comes in a variety of shapes and makes a great option for any type of floral arrangement. However, if you’re using the ceramic vase for real flowers, then ensure the inside is water-proof with a lacquered finish.

5/ Glass vase: This is one of the most versatile vase styles as it houses almost any type of floral arrangement; also because they come in different shapes – cylinder, fish bowl, bouquet shapes and so on. They are also perfect for special occasions such as weddings and conferences.

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